Aswaq opens Al Sailiya Central Market

The Peninsula

Aswaq for food facilities management has announced the commencement of operations in new Al Sailiya Central Market. 

The market is built following the latest international standards to serve the needs of all categories: producer, trader and consumer. Spanning over 78,000 square metres, the new central market is located in a central site, around 25 minutes away from the heart of Doha. 

The market is divided into several connected and air-conditioned sections, to serve the fruit and vegetable trade.

Al Sailiya central market includes the traditional market that contains 52 shops, in addition to 102 shops in the retail market, as well as 50 shops in the wholesale market. 

Moreover, the central market includes the imported products at auction hall, which spans over 8,000 square metres, additionally, the market has nine cooled storages (2600 sq.).

Aswaq has put together well-established operations module for the auction hall (which commenced operations officially yesterday) to ensure operations runs smoothly and efficiently.  The trucks are registered in the designated parking, then the data is crosschecked at the market entry point, the products are then placed in the auction hall. Upon completion of the auction, the products are loaded either out of the market, or to the wholesale market or to the cooled storages.